Schleicher Research Cited in Reuters

In a Reuters Opinion article about the increasingly strained relationship between Tea Party conservatives and Republican regulars, columnist Reihan Salam cites research by Professor David Schleicher that suggests ways to make voters more aware of the positions of political candidates.

"In 'Informing Consent: Voter Ignorance, Political Parties, and Election Law,' Christopher Elmendorf of the UC Davis School of Law and David Schleicher of the George Mason University School of Law propose providing primary voters with on-ballot guides to candidates’ issue stances, as well as endorsements", Salam writes. "For example, if a Tea Party candidate runs against a regular Republican, she can include endorsements by current officeholders (like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul) or widely-recognized political groups (like Tea Party Express). Republican primary voters would have a much easier time making a meaningful choice between candidates if they knew that one had been endorsed by the Tea Party Express while the other had been endorsed by the centrist Main Street Partnership."

Instead of a divorce, the GOP needs primary reform, Reuters, October 18, 2013. By Reihan Salam.