Somin Blog Posts Selected for Publication in Journal of Law

The Journal of Law has selected two of Professor Ilya Somin's contributions to the Volokh Conspiracy blog as among the top six legal blog posts of mid-2012 to early 2013. Somin's posts were published in The Post: Good Scholarship from the Internet in Volume 3, Issue 1, of The Journal of Law.  

In "Debate on the Treaty Power," Somin joins Nick Rosenkranz, Eugene Kontorovich, and Rick Pildes in a series of blog posts designed as an online debate as to whether a treaty can increase the legislative power of Congress (The Volokh Conspiracy, Jan. 13-Feb. 3, 2013).

In "Asian-Americans, Affirmative Action, and Fisher v. Texas," Somin discusses the University of Texas’ affirmative action program, challenged in Fisher v. Texas, an important affirmative action case before the Supreme Court (The Volokh Conspiracy, May 31, 2012).

The Journal of Law: A Periodical Laboratory of Legal Scholarship is a publication of the Green Bag.

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