Somin Book Reviewed in Louisville News Source

Louisville, Kentucky, attorney and political commentator John David Dyche reviewed Professor Ilya Somin's Democracy and Political Ignorance for WDRB 41 Louisville News, saying, "This rigorously researched and closely argued book makes a compelling case that 'the government that governs least' is 'the form of democracy least vulnerable to political ignorance.' Somin disavows 'absolute libertarianism,' and recognizes that, 'some market failures are even worse than the political failures that ignorance helps facilitate.'"

"But he convincingly concludes that, 'Democratic control of government works best when there is less government to control,'" Dyche continues. "The U.S. should return to its constitutional roots that left 'more decisions under the control of the market, civil society, and decentralized political institutions in which citizens can "vote with their feet"' by freely moving in or out."

Democracy and Political Ignorance, WDRB 41 Louisville News, November 15, 2013. By John David Dyche.

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