Somin Book Cited in Manila Times Article

Professor Ilya Somin's new book, Democracy and Political Ignorance, is cited in an article appearing in The Manila Times.

Calling it a "must-read for the policy/government types in the US," the article's author compares Somin's findings regarding political ignorance to a similar lack of political knowledge within his own country specifically pertaining to what he terms an anti-pork movement aimed at ending political corruption.

Wanna change pork and other public anomalies? The Manila Times, October 15, 2013. By Marlen V. Ronquillo. 

"Short version: They know more about Blake Griffin’s thunderous dunks and Alex Rodriguez’s steroid woes than the congressional insertions/earmarks (pork) of the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, or former New York Sen. George Pataki. (Ten out of 10 Fil-Ams I asked were, indeed, clueless on who Pataki and Stevens are.) And, they are more tuned in to the multiple divorces of the Kardashians than what is happening with the shutdown and debt ceiling talks.

"Sounds familiar? We all know the answer. Go to the anti-pork rallies, probably the most worked-up movement in contemporary history, and, instantly, you will realize this. Those well-fed and well-coiffed women shouting 'Wanna Change' fall into the same category as the ignorant Americans described in Somin’s book. Right cause, faulty frame of references.

"While there are passionate and well-meaning protests, still the sad fact is this: 99 percent of the protesters do not even know what they are talking about. They are rich with fury and intensity, but there is epic failure on know-what-are-you-fighting for side."