Somin Book on Democracy and Political Ignorance Available This Week

A new book by Professor Ilya Somin entitled Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter (Stanford University Press, 2013) becomes available October 2.

In his latest book, Somin examines the depths of political ignorance in America and the extent to which it is damaging to democracy. He considers options for solving the problem, arguing that political ignorance is best mitigated and its effects lessened by decentralizing and limiting government. 

Somin offers the argument that people make better decisions when they choose what to purchase in the market or which state or local government to live under, rather than when they vote at the ballot box, because of stronger incentives to acquire relevant information and use it wisely.

Somin's book is available in hardbound, paperback or Kindle editions. More information about the book is available here.