Somin in CNN: Repeal of Healthcare Law Unlikely

Commenting in a CNN article on a recent shift in strategy by Republicans opposed to the Affordable Care Act, Professor Ilya Somin acknowledges that repeal of the law may not be possible.

"To get rid of it completely would be very difficult," says Somin, who was involved in the Supreme Court challenge to the law.

Republican lawmakers currently have no plans to introduce bills to repeal the law, as they have done nearly 50 times before. Instead they have launched a public relations campaign designed to promote negative aspects of the healthcare law. 

GOP repeal efforts go silent as Obamacare 'suicide' plays out, CNN, December 6, 2013. By Leigh Ann Caldwell.


"The problems with the Affordable Care Act exist beyond its balky website. The troubled roll out of Obamacare has also forced the President to delay multiple important components of the law, including the insurance marketplace for small businesses and the requirement that businesses with 50 or more employees provide their workers with health insurance or face fines.

"Republicans realized they should have let the launch play out, instead their shutdown distracted from the Obamacare debacle."

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