Upcoming Events

ABA Site Visit Open Meeting for Students

The American Bar Association (ABA) is conducting its 7 year re-accreditation review of George Mason Law School from Sunday, March 30 through Wednesday, April 3, 2014.  The ABA Site Team is led by Dean Brad Toben (Baylor Law School). The team will hold an open meeting for law students on Tuesday, April 1 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in Room 215. 

Students are welcome to contact Dean Toben directly if they cannot attend the open meeting. 

The Site Team will be using Hazel Hall Room 314 as its base of operations.  Students may also reach Dean Toben through his office number: 254-710-1911 or  fax 254-710-1799 or send an e-mail to Brad_Toben@baylor.edu.