Krauss Comments on Law School Rankings

A new article examining the U.S. News & World Report rankings of law schools features comments by Professor Michael Krauss

Law Schools To U.S. News: Enough AlreadyTipping the Scales, August 25, 2014. By Maya Itah.


Krauss explains that most incoming law students don’t know what kind of law they’d like to practice. So, instead of comparing law schools’ individual academic strengths and weaknesses, they wind up defaulting to their U.S. News ranking. Law schools are aware of that mentality—and it affects the way they make decisions. “Many law schools now think, ‘Okay, we have to put more into this particular field, not because we may think that it’s most important for our students or for the people who apply to us, but because this is what will raise us in the U.S. News ranking,’” Krauss says.

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