Mossoff Participates in Federalist Society Conference on Patents

On December 2, 2014, Professor Adam Mossoff participated in a Federalist Society conference on “Patents and Innovation: Addressing Current Issues” at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

In a program on “Balancing Patent Rights and Litigation Abuses,” Mossoff joined a discussion on legislation targeting non-practicing entities, or “patent trolls.” An article in PCWorld reported on the event.


Problems with the U.S. patent system and lawsuits by patent holding firms, or nonpracticing entities, appear to be exaggerated, said Adam Mossoff, a law professor focused on intellectual property at George Mason University in Virginia.

In recent years, less than 2 percent of patents ended up in litigation, holding steady with long-term historical trends, Mossoff said. There is no “explosion” of patent infringement lawsuits, and studies suggesting the cost of patent lawsuits run into the tens of billions of dollars a year are “entirely made up,” he said.

Conservative lawyers question need for patent troll legislation, PCWorld, December 2, 2014. By Grant Gross.