Boston Globe Cites Schleicher Writings

A Boston Globe article presenting a "sort of pre-encyclopedia of the year to come" cites the work of Professor David Schleicher in its prediction that a gap between developers and left-wing politicians will begin to close this year as the idea that cities will become more affordable if downtown towers are built begins to take hold.

"As America's cities struggle with income inequality and rising rents, progressives are likely to entertain any possible way to prevent them from becoming the proverbial playgrounds for the rich—even if that means abandoning old political rivalries that once seemed as unmovable as a skyscraper," the author writes.

2014: A reference guide, Boston Globe, January 5, 2014. By Leon Neyfakh.

"The progressive argument has always been that regular people get squeezed out unless developers are restrained through government regulation. But in recent years, thinkers on the left have started to shift on this issue, with Matt Yglesias ("The Rent Is Too Damn High"), Ryan Avent ("The Gated City"), and George Mason law professor David Schleicher saying cities would become more affordable if it were easier for developers to build downtown towers." 

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