Somin Op-ed on Maryland’s Eminent Domain Bill

In an op-ed appearing in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily JournalsProfessor Ilya Somin discusses a bill passed by the Maryland House of Delegates to authorize the state's use of eminent domain to seize property belonging to the production company behind “House of Cards” after the company threatened to move filming to a different state.

After noting that the legislation will probably not become law this year, Somin writes, “If the measure had passed the state senate, it might have been upheld under the state and federal constitutions as currently interpreted by their respective supreme courts. But even if it had survived review in the courts, it would likely to cause more harm than good.”

Maryland Folds on Eminent Domain Threat, Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals, April 7, 2014. By Ilya Somin.

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