Somin Featured in Debate on Presidential War Powers

Professor Ilya Somin participated in a National Constitution Center podcast on the topic of the War Powers Resolution and President Barack Obama. Somin and Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo debated the question of whether President Obama has the authority to take military action against ISIS without congressional authorization.

Somin’s recent comments on the subject were also cited in a column written by the Washington Post’s George F. Will. Will wrote, “Professor Ilya Somin of George Mason University School of Law says, ‘Claims that large-scale air attacks don't count as warfare were specious when the administration trotted them out in defense of its intervention in Libya in 2011; and they have not improved with age.’”

John Yoo and Ilya Somin debate Obama and the War Powers Resolution, National Constitution Center We The People Podcasts, September 16, 2014.

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Obama is defying the Constitution on war, Washington Post, September 17, 2014. By George F. Will.

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