Student Organizations Announce New Officers

George Mason Law School is home to over forty organizations that students may join in order to enhance their legal education. These organizations not only add to the vitality of the law school but also create valuable networking opportunities for students with special interests ranging from intellectual property and national security to animal rights and wine and spirits. Several organizations have just announced their new officers for the 2014-15 academic year (see below). For a listing of current organizations, see Student Organizations.

Communications Law Association:

  • President: Claire Bourque
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Nicole Zimbelman
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Christine Kennedy
  • Treasurer: Anna Gentry

Environmental Law Society:

  • Co-Presidents: Brent LaMaire and Jake Mace
  • Vice President: Geoff Moody
  • Treasurer: Adrian Ciacci
  • Secretary/Event Planner: Taylor Hoverman

Moot Court Board:

  • Chief Justice: Alena Thomas
  • Vice Justice: Natalie Hayes
  • Managing Justice: Mike McKay

Student Bar Association:

  • President: Monica Munin
  • Vice President, Day Section: Richard Baca
  • Vice President, Evening Section: Natalie Hayes
  • Vice President of Social Affairs: George Johnson
  • Vice President of Community Outreach: Stephanie Semler
  • Budget Treasurer: Tyler Dever
  • Accounts Treasurer: Mike McKay
  • Travel Treasurer: Ryan Wautlet
  • Secretary:  Brent LaMaire
  • Honor Committee Chair: Brittany Oravec
  • 4E Representative: Ian Rothfuss
  • 3D Representative: Caroleigh Newman
  • 2E Representative: Adam Signora
  • 2D Representatives: Mike Bliley & Lucas Daniels

Trial Advocacy Association

  • President: Alexandra Sipes
  • Executive Vice President: Erik Frick
  • Vice President of Extramurals: Alexa Wolff
  • Vice President of Management: Roger Gibboni
  • Vice President of Events: Samantha Bernstein
  • Vice President of the Costello Invitational: Kristin Murrock
  • Vice President of the Thatcher Intramural: Heather Mims
  • Vice President of Recruitment: David Clark

Federalist Society 

  • President:  Tom Hunt
  • VP Speakers:  Meggan Dewitt
  • VP Programming:  Becca Newman
  • Secretary:  Devin Watkins
  • Treasurer:  Peter Donohue
  • VP Technology:  Zach Deubler
  • VP Media:  Ian Rothfuss​