Student Journal Editorial Boards Named

George Mason Law School's five student-edited academic journals have named their 2014-15 editorial boards. Members of these journals provide a significant contribution to legal scholarship by selecting and editing articles written by academics and practitioners, and having the opportunity to write a casenote or comment. Student pieces selected for publication in a student journal are noted below.

The Journal of International Commercial Law 

  • Jacqueline Nguyen — Editor-in-Chief
  • Cameron Hames — Executive Editor
  • Bryan Mulcahey — Managing and Publications Editor
  • Chris Gardner — Senior Articles Editor
  • Mark Hagedorn — Articles Editor
  • Alena Thomas — Senior Research Editor
  • Eric Frick — Research Editor
  • Alyssa Coffey — Notes Editor
  • Jason Sarfati — Notes Editor
  • Yoojun Lee — Associate Editor

Student Publications:

  • Alyssa Coffey, Beyond Pre-Reconstruction Slavery:  America’s Modern Day Trade Practices and Confronting Forced Labor
  • Alena Thomas, The Road to Nowhere:  How Blocking Statutes Have Exacerbated Boomerang Litigation and Rendered Forum Non Conveniens a Misnomer for DCBP Tort Litigants
  • Bryan Mulcahey, A Lose Lose Scenario When the Federal Government Starts a Theory With “Too Big”:  How the DOJ Enforcement Policy Forces Remittances Underground
  • Jacqueline Nguyen, David v. Goliath – In the Fashion Era:  Altering the Lanham Act to Protect Individual Designers and Small Business Owners
  • Jason Sarfati, Hooper v. Lockheed Martin Corp:  How and Why Fraudulent Underbidding Should Scare Government Contractors

George Mason Law Review 

  • Editor-in-Chief: Amy S. Josselyn
  • Executive Editor: Tommy Cumberland
  • Managing Editor: Christine Kennedy
  • Production Editor: Alexandra Wolff
  • Symposium Editor: Jana I. Seidl
  • Developments Editor: Drew A. Reitz
  • Senior Articles Editor: Christine E. Ganley
  • Articles Editor: Brandon Gould
  • Articles Editor: Jessica Gallinaro
  • Articles Editor: Daniel H. Smith
  • Senior Notes Editor: Cameron E. Green
  • Notes Editor: Claire E. Bourque
  • Notes Editor: Matt A. Smith
  • Notes Editor: Greg Yahr
  • Senior Research Editor: Heather Mims
  • Research Editor: Andrew DeMaio
  • Research Editor: Jesse Jacob McMurdo
  • Research Editor: Morgan R. Pankow

Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy 

  • Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Russell
  • Executive Editor: Karen Schroeder
  • Managing Editor: Jacob Hamburger
  • Publications Editor: Daniel Schneider
  • Senior Articles Editor: James Beaty
  • Article Submissions Editor: Daniel Schneider
  • Senior Research Editor: Daniel McCain
  • Senior Research Editor: Jenny Min
  • Senior Notes Editor: Jeff Kuhlman
  • Notes Editor: Tamta Zhorzholiani

Student Publications:

  • Jacob Hamburger, State Money Transmission Laws vs. Bitcoins:  Protecting Consumers or Hindering Innovation?
  • Daniel Schneider, The Curiously Difficult Task of Determining Who Owns a Copy of a Copyrighted Work
  • Jeff Kuhlman, The Inefficiency of Leniency for First-Time Marijuana Possession in Virginia: Unintended Consequences, Time Discounting, and Deterrence
  • Ian Baldwin, Due Process Objections to Compulsory Registration:  Why a Day in Court Should Not Subject Juvenile Sex Offenders to a Lifetime of Stigma
  • Damian Martin, California Medical Marijuana Law:  The Voters and Legislature Have Made Their Decisions; Now Let Them Interpret It!​

Civil Rights Law Journal 

  • Editor-in-Chief:             Elizabeth Hohenstein
  • Executive Editor:          Rebecca Buccieri
  • Managing Editor:          Natalie Hayes
  • Publications Editor:      Allison Speaker
  • Symposium Editor:       Audrey Johnston
  • Senior Articles Editor:   David Clark
  • Articles Editors:            Ann Kossachev & Stephanie Suitt
  • Senior Notes Editor:     Kristen Murrock
  • Notes Editors:               Jennifer Francis & Kathryn Taylor
  • Senior Research Editor: Mary Grob
  • Research Editors:           Samantha Bernstein, Ashton DeLong & Ally Sipes

Student Publications:

  • Jennifer Francis, Redeeming What is Lost: The Need to Improve Notice for Elderly Homeowners Before and After Tax Sales
             ***Winner of the 2014 CRLJ Award for Writing Excellence, Best Student Note***
  • Samantha Bernstein, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 - As Amended: Remedying the Boundary that Congress Overstepped
  • David Clark, Floyd v. City of New York and the Underenforcement of Constitutional Tort Remedies
  • Elizabeth Hohenstein, The Supreme Court's Chevron Deference Misstep on Posthumously Conceived Children and Their Entitlements to Survivor Benefits
  • Ann Kossachev, Worldwide Taxation and FATCA: A Constitutional Catch-22 or the Final Piece of the Tax Evasion Puzzle?
  • Kristen Murrock, A Coffin Was the Only Way Out: Whether the Supreme Court's Explicit Ban on Juvenile Life Without Parole for Non-Homicide Offenses in Graham v. Florida Implicitly Bans De Facto Life Sentences for Non-Homicide Juvenile Offenses

National Security Law Journal 

  • Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Yesnik
  • Executive Editor: Stacy Allen
  • Managing Editor: Erica Calys
  • Symposium Editor: Jessica Eddy
  • Symposium Editor: Rosemarie Lombardi
  • Articles Selection Editor: Francis Brickfield
  • Senior Articles Editor: Melissa Burgess
  • Articles Editor: Bridget Alzheimer
  • Articles Editor: Jordan Ransenberg
  • Senior Notes Editor: Suzanne Simms
  • Notes Editor: Eve Tilley-Coulson
  • Senior Research Editor: Matthew Morrison
  • Research Editor: Nicholas Johnson
  • Research Editor: Rosemarie Lombardi

Student Publications:

  • Frank Brickfield, Improving Scrutiny of Applicants for Top Secret/SCI Clearances by Adding Psychological Assessments
  • Suzanne Simms, Revision of Article 60 and the Military Convening Authority’s Clemency Power: An Alternative to the Enacted Legislation