Zywicki Op-eds in Forbes, Wall Street Journal

In a new opinion piece in ForbesProfessor Todd Zywicki seeks to debunk myths about consumer credit, including the reasons why consumers borrow, the rise in consumer debt, and the benefits of restrictive regulation.

Zywicki also co-authored an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal. In honor of the 40th anniversary of economist Friedrich Hayek’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, Zywicki discusses Hayek’s warning regarding government intervention and unintended consequences.

Why Everything Elizabeth Warren Told You About Consumer Credit Is Wrong, Forbes, October 10, 2014. By Todd J. Zywicki & Thomas A. Durkin.

A Nobel Economist’s Caution About Government, Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2014. By Donald J. Boudreaux & Todd J. Zywicki.