Bloomberg BNA: Claeys Discusses Follow-Through on Regulation Review

Professor Eric Claeys spoke with Bloomberg BNA about Senator James Lankford’s May 14 letter to Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez. In the letter, the Senator asks the agency to explain its activities to review old regulations. The letter comes after a 2011 executive order signed by President Barack Obama to review and modify old regulations.


But Eric Claeys, an administrative law specialist at George Mason University School of Law, told Bloomberg BNA May 14 that despite Obama’s promises to weed out unnecessary rules, little seems to have happened.

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Claeys said Lankford’s letter indicates Republicans suspect agencies “aren't nearly as excited about these reviews as OMB is.”

“I suspect [Lankford] is politely asking Perez, ‘What are you doing? OMB directed you to start looking at this. Are you doing anything,’” Claeys said.

Part of the tension built into any retrospective review, however, is that while political staff often want to score quick results, career staffers “take a very long view and expect they will keep their civil service-tenure jobs longer than eight years,” Claeys said. “So if they don’t like the priorities of one White House, they’ll try to wait that White House out.”

Senator Asks Labor Department, Other Agencies to Detail Reg Review Activities, Bloomberg BNA, May 14, 2015. By Stephen Lee.