Dean Polsby’s Statement on Appointment of Henry N. Butler

Dean Polsby’s Statement on the Appointment of Henry N. Butler as the Law School’s Next Dean

I am pleased to announce that my successor as Dean of the School of Law will be my colleague, Henry N. Butler, currently serving as George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Law & Economics Center. Professor Butler’s appointment as dean will become effective as of June 25, 2015. Our university provost, Dr. David Wu, made it official yesterday afternoon.

A prolific law and economics scholar, Henry Butler has devoted much of his career to educating judges, lawyers and public policymakers in law and economics. He has held academic appointments at Texas A&M University, the University of Chicago Law School, the University of Kansas Schools of Business and Law, Chapman University Schools of Business and Law, and Northwestern University School of Law. Professor Butler began his teaching career here at the law school in 1986 and remained until 1993. Our then-dean, the late Henry Manne, appointed him Director of the Law & Economics Center in 1988, and he served in that position and as professor until 1991. Immediately prior to his return to George Mason’s law school and the Law & Economics Center in 2010, Professor Butler held the appointment as executive director of the Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth at Northwestern University School of Law.

Professor Butler earned his B.A. in Economics from the University of Richmond, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (now known as Virginia Tech), where he was a student of some of the most illustrious academic economists of our time, including James Buchanan, Gordon Tullock, and Robert Tollison, all of whom, in their turn, became economics professors at George Mason. Professor Butler earned his J.D. from the University of Miami, at that time the academic home of Henry Manne and the Law & Economics Center. Professor Butler’s published research includes papers and monographs on antitrust law, corporate governance, insurance regulation, consumer protection, health care policy, federalism, and environmental policy.

As a native son, and son also of the late Congressman M. Caldwell Butler of Roanoke, Henry Butler is proud to call Virginia his home, and now, as a key leader in one of the Commonwealth’s most important educational institutions, to contribute to the growth and flourishing of George Mason University as the dean of its law school.

Please join me and the law faculty in congratulating Professor Butler – Dean Butler, as we should call him now – on his new assignment. Let us offer him the support and encouragement that any dean needs in order to be successful (and that thankfully I have always enjoyed these past ten years) as he takes on this demanding new role.

Daniel D. Polsby
Dean and Professor of Law
George Mason University School of Law