Zywicki Helps GMU Earn Highest Rating for Free Speech on Campus

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has announced that George Mason University has earned a “green light” rating for free speech in higher education. GMU is now one of twenty institutions to be named a green light institution for having policies that comply with the First Amendment.

The rating comes after a joint effort to eliminate all speech codes by Azhar Majeed, Director of FIRE’s Individual Rights Education Program, Dennis Webster, GMU Director of Special Diversity Projects, and Professor Todd Zywicki, GMU Foundation Professor of Law.

In a press release issued by FIRE, Zywicki said, “Freedom of speech and academic freedom are core values of a university’s mission. I’m delighted that George Mason has joined the ranks of universities that have committed themselves to the full protection of free speech. Thank you to our administration for their dedicated work in providing a context where students and faculty can express controversial ideas freely, and even inartfully, without fear of reprisal.”