Krauss Op-ed in Forbes

In an opinion piece in ForbesProfessor Michael I. Krauss discusses a Department of Transportation case that was recently remanded for further review and reconsideration. The case involves the refusal of Kuwait Airways to serve persons with Israeli travel documents.

Professor Michael Krauss
Professor Michael Krauss


Incredibly, the federal Department of Transportation (DOT) justified [Kuwait Airways Corporation]’s position on February 20, 2014, in the case of Eldad Gatt vs. Anthony Foxx, in his Official Capacity as Secretary of Transportation. . . . DOT concluded that KAC “has not violated any anti-discrimination laws” and that the department was “closing [its] file on this matter,” because Kuwaiti law demands that KAC refuse to offer its services to Israeli passport holders. Kuwait does not recognize Israel as a state and therefore does not recognize Israeli passports as legitimate travel documents, the DOT noted. Therefore, it concluded, KAC was within its rights to deny passage to those with no legitimate travel documents.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Fails The Rosa Parks Test, Forbes, August 18, 2015. By Michael I. Krauss.

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