Mossoff Comments on Patent Bill

In Legal Newsline and Washington Times articles, Professor Adam Mossoff comments on the Innovation Act, which was reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday, February 5. The same patent legislation passed the House in 2013.

Suggesting that changes to the patent system need to be incremental and targeted, Mossoff said of the bill in Legal Newsline, “It broadly revises the entire American patent system by creating unprecedented hurdles for all owners of patented innovation who seek redress in court against infringers of their property rights.”

Goodlatte patent reform bill re-introduced in U.S. House, Legal Newsline, February 5, 2015. By Jessica M. Karmasek.

Patent law reform bill to stop trolls could also stifle innovation, critics say, Washington Times, February 5, 2015. By Kellan Howell.