Washington Times: Mossoff on VENUE Act

Professor Adam Mossoff published an op-ed in the Washington Times discussing the bias against patent owners in recent patent reform legislation. The article identifies potential shortcomings of the newly proposed VENUE Act.

Professor Adam Mossoff
Professor Adam Mossoff

“[T]he more fundamental problem is that the VENUE Act reflects ongoing bias against patent owners in the policy debates. Disputes over patent rights are like all disputes, whether a contract dispute, property dispute, or more prosaically an argument between spouses. In all such disputes, everyone recognizes that bad behavior can occur on both sides. By focusing only on restricting the rights of patent owners, the VENUE Act is just as unbalanced as H.R. 9 [Innovation Act] and the other bills that have stalled for the same reasons.”

Professor Mossoff is Co-Director of Academic Programs and a Senior Scholar at the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property at Mason Law. He was recently recognized by the Intellectual Property Law Review as having written one of the best IP law review articles in the past year.  

Weighing the Patent System, Washington Times, March 24, 2016. By Adam Mossoff.

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