NY Times: Somin on the Supreme Court as a Campaign Issue

In a “Room for Debate” forum discussion on the New York TimesProfessor Ilya Somin participates as one of six debaters on “November’s Referendum on Justice.” The debate explores the question, “If the Senate Republican leaders refuse to consider a Supreme Court nomination from President Obama, what effect could that have on the November elections?”

Professor Ilya Somin
Professor Ilya Somin

In a contribution entitled “Serious Constitutional Debate May Be Sacrificed for Political Sport,” Somin writes, “Ideological divisions and political controversies sometimes obscure deeper questions about constitutional interpretation -- which should be the key to selecting justices who may be on the court decades after today’s political controversies have passed. While constitutional law cannot be completely separated from politics, a healthy legal culture should resist attempts to reduce constitutional issues to the pursuit of short-term political agendas.”

Serious Constitutional Debate May Be Sacrificed for Political Sport, New York Times, February 15, 2016. By Ilya Somin.