• Antonin Scalia Law School and Radford University Announce Partnership
        (published 07/13/2017)
  • Tad Lipsky to Join Global Antitrust Institute
        (published 09/25/2017)
  • Scalia Law Expands Popular Global Antitrust Law & Economics LLM into the Online Space
        (published 09/25/2017)
  • Profile of the Fall 2017 Entering Class
        (published 08/14/2017)
  • John Yun Joins Global Antitrust Institute as Director of Economic Education
        (published 08/01/2017)
  • A Dialogue on the “Fight Against Corruption in Latin America”
        (published 07/13/2017)
  • Scalia Law School Class of 2017 Celebrates Graduation
        (published 05/23/2017)
  • Scalia Law Associate Professor Brand Tapped for a Top Position at Justice
        (published 05/02/2017)
  • Scalia Law and Christopher Newport Partner to Provide Accelerated Path to Law Degrees
        (published 05/02/2017)
  • Bill of Rights Eagle Lands at Scalia Law School
        (published 05/02/2017)
  • Mary Washington and Scalia Law Partner on Accelerated Law Degree
        (published 05/02/2017)
  • Scalia Law Associate Professor Rao Tapped as White House “Regulatory Czar”
        (published 04/11/2017)
  • Mason's Antonin Scalia Law School Announces Creation of National Security Institute
        (published 02/15/2017)
  • Legal Help for Veterans: Taking the Case for Those Who Have Taken Up Arms
        (published 01/25/2017)