Scalia Law Associate Professor Brand Tapped for a Top Position in Department of Justice

On January 31, President Trump nominated Rachel L. Brand, an Associate Professor of Law at George Mason’s Antonin Scalia Law School, to be associate attorney general, a senior position at the Department of Justice.

Professor Rachel Brand
Professor Rachel L. Brand

Jonathan Adler, Director of the Center for Business Law & Regulation at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law and longtime contributor to National Review’s Bench Memos, called Brand an “inspired choice."  David Lat, founder and managing editor of Above the Law, noted in a recent article on the Department's transition that she "has a résumé that is both dazzling and well-rounded.”

Professor Brand is an expert in national security and homeland security law and policy, as well as federal law enforcement matters, judicial appointments, and the federal regulatory process. She is currently completing her service as one of five Senate-confirmed presidential appointees to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB), an independent federal agency that oversees and advises other agencies’ counterterrorism activities. Professor Brand was previously involved in national security law and policy, as well as homeland security and immigration enforcement matters, during her service under President George W. Bush as the Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy in the Department of Justice. She also served as an Associate Counsel to President Bush in the White House. Professor Brand is a graduate of Harvard Law School and served as a law clerk to Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy of the Supreme Court of the United States and Justice Charles Fried of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.