Notice: The MASONLIVE e-mail system upgrade that began on August 4, 2013 is now complete. If you are having any issues with your MASONLIVE account after this upgrade, please visit the MASONLIVE Overview and Upgrade Information page for common troubleshooting tips.

Begining Sunday, August 4, 2013, Microsoft will begin the process of upgrading all MASONLIVE student accounts to Office 365. The email upgrade may take as long as one week. Your e-mail address will not change as a result of this upgrade. A brief list of changes associated with the completed email upgrade is provided below.

  • The process to change your MASONLIVE password will be different. New instructions for changing your MASONLIVE password will be posted at by the completion of the upgrade.

  • The new Outlook web-based application is branded with the Microsoft Office 365 logo, not Mason branding.

  •  For those of you who use SkyDrive, this storage service will be separated from your MASONLIVE account and will be maintained by Microsoft. To login to SkyDrive, use your full email address ( and your Microsoft Personal Password (you created this password when you first set-up your MASONLIVE account) via this URL:

Before August 4, 2013: Please make sure that you know the account credentials associated with your SkyDrive account in advance of the upgrade so that you are not locked out of this service. Information about acquiring or resetting your Microsoft Personal Password can be found at:

ITU will send an e-mail message to all students once the upgrade is complete.

PLEASE NOTE: The ITU Support Center cannot assist with MASONLIVE account issues or password changes for mobile devices or mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) until the upgrade process is complete.