Emerging Issues in National Security

Credit Hours: 1-2

This course will be offered periodically as part of a series of courses focused on important new issues in national security law.  For fall 2021, the course will focus on national security leaks. Media disclosures of national security information present some of the most interesting and challenging issues in the law, as they raise thorny free speech and national defense concerns.  This course will explore the legal issues around national security leaks, including how security clearances are granted, how (and why) information is classified, what happens when classified information makes its way into the public, and how such matters are investigated (and occasionally prosecuted).  The course will cover, among, other things, the famous Pentagon Papers and Edward Snowden leaks, as well as other along the way.  In addition, course will consider the new ways in which information is consumed and communicated, the values behind the U.S. Government’s information classification system, and evaluate the media’s role in the solicitation and disclosure of classified information.