Commitment to Diversity

Dean Henry N. Butler:

I stand with our students who are calling for justice and an end to racism. I am proud to have women and men of courage and conviction at Scalia Law.

Allow me to be perfectly clear:

  • Racism, as a “case,” has no defense.
  • Racism, as “history,” is without justification.
  • Racism, as “politics,” has no Party.

The way forward will not be easy. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I am committed to pressing hard to ensure that Scalia Law is up to the challenge. Meaningful change will require all of us to work together, faculty, students, staff, and alumni. Everyone.

It is our mission to develop the next generation of leaders who will advance civility and equity in the legal field and in our society. Toward that end, Scalia Law fosters an environment that encourages meaningful and robust discourse among students and faculty, both in and outside the classroom. We believe that viewpoint diversity, as well as cultural, racial, religious, ethnic, and gender diversity is critical to a rich and excellent legal education. We value the variety of backgrounds and experiences that each student brings to Scalia Law. We are committed to increasing representation in a way that clearly reflects our pluralistic society. In working toward greater representation, we embrace the same charge we give our students: Learn. Challenge. Lead.

The Corley Institute:

Civility, Respect & Equity are essential for a just society… we must have a legal profession dedicated to the cause of equal justice every day.

Professor Jamil Jaffer:

For far too long, we as a nation have ignored the very real inequality at the heart of American society…

Diversity & Inclusion Opportunities

The Corley Institute

Founded by Kelly McNamara Corley at Scalia Law School, The Corley Institute prepares students to be leaders in a global marketplace through education and greater understanding of diversity and inclusion. The Corley Institute offers a certificate in diversity and inclusion education.

Discussion over Division

Scalia Law’s Liberty & Law Center offers a great opportunity for every student to polish both their debate skills and their listening skills. This program promotes civil discourse, by equipping students with the necessary tools for respectful, robust debate.

Diverse & Inclusive Student Organizations

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

An academic, political, community service, and social group dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for Asian and Pacific-Asian law students, and promoting a greater understanding of Asian and Pacific-Asian issues

Black Law Students Association

Articulates and promotes the professional needs and goals of black law students; fosters and encourages professional competence; and instills in black attorneys and law students a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the black community 

Christian Legal Society

Provides a forum for the discussion of problems relating to Christianity and the law; encourages legal ethics; and encourages lawyers to furnish legal services to the poor and needy, and to churches and other charitable organizations

Equality Alliance

An organization dedicated to raising awareness of social and legal issues of concern to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and those who support them; to increase inclusiveness and enrich the diversity of our student body; and to promote the professional development and academic interests of the Scalia Law community

J. Reuben Clark Law Society

Emphasizes public service, loyalty to the rule of the law and to the Constitution of the United States, and appreciation for the religious dimension in both American society and in a lawyer's personal life

Jewish Law Students Association

Promotes a community within the law school, educates students about legal issues affecting the Jewish community, provides information to students about places of worship, and creates a community within which students can come together to celebrate holidays

Latino/a Law Student Association (LaLSA)

Provides academic and professional support for its members at GMU and will also foster an appreciation for Latino/a culture. LaLSA also facilitates networking opportunities for its members through involvement with outside Latino/a organizations and other organizations representing minorities in the D.C. area

Mason Multicultural Alliance

Mason’s Multicultural Alliance (“MMA”) is a non-partisan organization. MMA's goals are to promote multicultural appreciation, to advocate for issues that affect our members, to create multicultural education opportunities, and to celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our student body.

Muslim Law Students Association

Dedicated to exploring Islamic legal issues and bringing a greater understanding of Islam and the legal profession to all members of the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University community

Thomas More Society

An organization of the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University students, faculty, and staff that strives to foster the spiritual lives of Catholics at Scalia Law

Women’s Law Association

Recognizes the common needs, interests, and problems of women law students and members of the legal profession, sponsoring career panels and lectures focusing on women's issues, open to all students