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Graduate Admissions
Antonin Scalia Law School
George Mason University
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Arlington, Virginia 22201

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George Mason Scalia Law’s JM Degree Program is designed for professionals who interact with lawyers and legal issues regularly in the course of their careers.

Who will benefit from a JM Degree?

Criminal Justice: Police Officers, Detectives, Probation Officers, Border Patrol Agents, Security Guards, Law & Justice Administrators, Journalists, and Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

Employment & Labor Relations: Human Resources Managers/Specialists/Officers, Compensation & Benefits Managers/Analysts, Training & Development Managers, and Compliance Officers.

Financial & Commercial Services: Bankers, Financial Managers/Planners/Analysts, Accountants, Auditors, Loan Officers, Tax Examiners, and Title Agents.

Government Contracts & Regulation: U.S. Armed Forces Members, Contract Compliance Managers/Analysts, Contract Administrators & Specialists, and Government Account Executives.

Intellectual Property & Technology: Computer & Information Systems Managers/Analysts, Network & Computer Systems Administrators, Patent Examiners, Information Security Analysts, Software Developers, Librarians, Journalists, Gallery/Art Institution Managers, and Lobbyists.

National Security, Cybersecurity, & Information Privacy: U.S. Armed Forces Members, Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Cybersecurity Analysts, and Information Security Analysts.

What will the JM Degree Program offer?

  • Two years of part-time study (30 credits) at Scalia Law School’s Arlington campus
  • Six concentration areas to supplement employment expertise:
    1. Criminal Justice;
    2. Employment & Labor Relations;
    3. Financial & Commercial Services;
    4. Government Contracts & Regulation;
    5. Intellectual Property & Technology;
    6. National Security, Cybersecurity & Information Privacy.
  • Fall and winter semester start dates
  • The flexibility of maintaining ongoing employment schedules, while benefitting from the amenities and opportunities afforded by a tier-one law school

How will the JM Degree Program help your career?

Graduates will:

  • Possess an informed, sophisticated understanding of the legal doctrines and institutions relevant to their chosen area of concentration;
  • Communicate clearly and accurately about legal issues with lawyers and non-lawyers alike;
  • Identify issues that may need to be referred to legal counsel before they arise; and
  • Aid in the correct implementation of policies designed to comply with legal requirements.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible to matriculate, an applicant must have earned a baccalaureate degree from an institution of higher education accredited by a Mason-recognized U.S. institutional accrediting agency or international equivalent. If an applicant has completed post-secondary work outside the U.S., the applicant must use either World Education Services (WES) or AACRAO International Services for evaluation of the international transcripts.