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Alvaré, Helen
Bernstein, David
Boardman, Michelle
Buckley, Francis
Butler, Henry
Byrne, James
Chiang, Tun-Jen
Chorvat, Terrence
Claeys, Eric
Cohen, Lloyd
Davies, Ross
Davis, Michael
Eagle, Steven
FitzGerald, Suzanne
  • FitzGerald, Suzanne
  • Director, First Year Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis Program
  • (703) 993-9679
  • sfitzg11@gmu.edu
  • Room 433B
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Geradin, Damien
Ginsburg, Douglas
Greve, Michael
Hutchison, Harry
Johnsen, D. Bruce
Kobayashi, Bruce
Krauss, Michael
Lerner, Craig
Lund, Nelson
Malcolm, Joyce
McCabe, Kevin
Mossoff, Adam
  • Mossoff, Adam
  • Professor of Law and Co-Director of Academic Programs and Senior Scholar of the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • (703) 993-9577
  • amossoff@gmu.edu
  • Room 319
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Muris, Timothy
Neff, Laurie Forbes
  • Neff, Laurie Forbes
  • Director, Mason Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic
  • (703) 993-8179
  • lneff@gmu.edu
  • Room 430
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Newman, Christopher
Parker, Jeffrey
Perkins, Rachelle Holmes
Polsby, Daniel
Rabkin, Jeremy
Rao, Neomi
Sanderson, Kari
  • Sanderson, Kari
  • Director, Second Year Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis Program
  • (703) 993‐9158
  • ksander5@gmu.edu
  • Room 433BA
  • Full profile
Somin, Ilya
Treyger, Elina
Verret, J.W.
Wright, Joshua
Yeh, Susan
Zywicki, Todd

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