INBALANCE is the law school’s health and wellbeing initiative. As part of the initiative, the law school hosts various programs and posts helpful information that supports law student wellbeing.

The American Bar Association, Virginia Supreme Court, Virginia State Bar, and all law schools in the Commonwealth have committed resources to raise awareness of and support the mental health of law students in Virginia.

For more information on the wellness movement in the Virginia legal community, visit the Report On Wellness . For updates and helpful tips for current students, visit the Scalia Law Career Services Facebook page:

Scalia Law INBALANCE Resources and Programs

Law Student Group Facilitated Discussions

  • Moderated group discussions on health matters can be another tool in your wellbeing toolbox. The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) professional for the Arlington campus facilitates onsite group discussions for law students. The topics vary. During group discussions, law students will hear from others who are experiencing or have experienced similar challenges in life and learn effective strategies for navigating those challenges.
  • Law students may also take advantage of group discussions moderated on the Fairfax campus. For details, visit CAPS Group Therapy.

One-on-One Appointments and Resources

  • George Mason’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has psychologists on staff who take appointments in Arlington in the Founders Building. They work closely with the law school community to stay up-to-date about the challenges law students face. Scalia Law students who would like help navigating through a challenging time can call 703-993-2380 to make an appointment and ask for an appointment in the Arlington or Fairfax location.
  • CAPS, the GMU Student Support and Advocacy Center, the GMU Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, and GMU’s University Life department have many other services available to support the wellbeing of Scalia Law students. For information about their many resources, visit:
  • Arlington Campus MindSpa: Massage Chair, Games, Activities


  • Law School Mental Health Day Celebration
  • Stress, Resiliency and Self-Care
  • A Profession at Risk: A Discussion of the Wellbeing Movement in the ABA and VSB
  • Weekly Wellbeing Events, sponsored by our student organization the Mason Law Disability Initiative
  • Virginia Supreme Court Annual Law Student Summit
  • CAPS-moderated Law Student Group Discussions

Legal Profession Wellbeing Resources

Wellbeing Tips

Nutrition and Stress

Substance Abuse