Drop/Refund Policy

Scalia Law’s refund policy is designed to align with the official GMU policy for dropped classes. However, as the Law School’s Calendar does not always align with the University’s Calendar, students should visit the Law School Calendar each semester for specific drop date and refund deadlines.  

Specifically, students should carefully observe the two drop/refund deadlines and policies on the Law School Calendar each semester. 

At the first deadline, a student may drop a course and receive a 100% refund as follows:

Last day to add/drop a course without academic approval.
Last day to drop a course and receive a 100% tuition refund.

    • After this date there is a 50% tuition refund.
    • After this date, students must submit an add/drop form to the Records Office signed by the instructor and the Asst. Dean, Student Academic Affairs, to be added to a course. An instructor’s signature is not needed on the form to drop a course.

The second deadline is the last day a student may drop and receive a 50% tuition refund as follows:

 Last day to drop a course (academic approval required)/receive a 50% tuition refund.

    • After this second date, there is no tuition refund (100% tuition liability attaches) and there is no ability to drop a course – students must instead seek to withdraw. Students may withdraw only with academic approval and, if permitted to withdraw, will receive a “W” on their transcript.

The day count for drops and refunds are inclusive of the date upon which the semester’s classes begin regardless of whether the student has a class on that date.

After dropping a course, students should submit a refund request form to the Student Accounts Office. However, a refund request form is not needed for financial aid refunds. Overpayments from Financial Aid awards will automatically generate a refund payment.  Students who are not enrolled in direct deposit, will receive a paper check, which is mailed to the address on file with the University.  Direct deposit payments will be automatically deposited into the bank account.  Direct deposit is the quickest way to receive a refund payment. Instructions on how to enroll in direct deposit are located here.

The University recommends that students to protect their investment in their education with Tuition Insurance.