George Mason University School of Law offers three Master of Laws (LLM) Degrees in the areas of U.S. Law, Intellectual Property, and Law & Economics. Brief information on each program appears below. Click on the name of the degree to view details about each program.

U.S. Law LLM

U.S. Law LLM

George Mason University School of Law offers international lawyers unparalleled education in the U.S. legal system, providing students the opportunity to be fully integrated in law school life. LLM students take courses with Juris Doctor (JD) students and receive the best instruction from our top ranked faculty. Mason Law’s educational model with lower student to faculty ratio ensures that students receive individualized attention and helps them develop a strong U.S. legal system foundation. Students may chose from a comprehensive list of elective courses to include their personal interests or choose the courses required in order to sit for a bar examination in the U.S.

Intellectual Property LLM

This degree is designed for attorneys who intend to practice in the fields of patent, copyright and trademark, or technology law. The curriculum in the Intellectual Property LLM program includes courses covering every aspect of intellectual property law, from basic courses in patent, copyright, trademark, and technology law, to enforcement, litigation and dispute resolution, among others.  Students can learn study these issues broadly or choose to focus their studies in technology or patent law.


Law and Economics LLM

This degree is designed to provide law graduates the opportunity to develop an expertise in the skills of economic analysis as they are applied to a variety of legal Economics touches private law, intellectual property law, international business law, regulatory law and other areas that students may explore. Additionally, students may choose to pursue their LLM in Law and Economics with an antitrust focus. George Mason University School of Law is one of the nation’s leading centers for the study of law and economics. During the past 15 years, George Mason has assembled a distinctive, interdisciplinary faculty, many of whom hold doctorates in economics, philosophy, political science or related fields.