New Anti-Spam Solution: IronPort

The University's Information Technology Unit (ITU) has selected a new anti-spam solution by IronPort, an industry leader in providing e-mail solutions. The new system, IronPort Anti-Spam, utilizes ‘best-of-breed’ conventional spam-fighting techniques and new innovations to protect Mason Email better than ever.

To filter out as much Spam as possible, IronPort employs an exclusive Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE) to examine the complete context of an email message including:

  • Content of the message
  • Construction of the message
  • Reputation of the message sender
  • Reputation of the site from which a message is sent

Like the previous system, Mail Fronter/SonicWall, the IronPort system will have a quarantine for messages classified as 'likely spam' and will send out a daily summary of new messages added to the quarantine.

For more information about IronPort Anti-spam, see

To login to IronPort with your GMU email userid and password, go to