Wired Network

Most of the seats in the six large classrooms in Hazel Hall (120, 121, 221, 225, 329, 332) have Ethernet jacks that provide access to the Internet, as well as electrical outlets for laptops.  There are also ethernet ports and electrical outlets built-in to many of the law library's tables and carrels.  You will need to provide your own standard RJ45 Ethernet cable, but the technology staff in 362 of the law library can loan you one on a short-term basis. The wired network is generally much faster than the wireless network and is highly recommended for students who are taking exams on laptops.

Wireless Network - Mason -Secure

Before you configure the Mason-Secure network on your laptop or wireless device, you may need to change your GMU password. This is especially true if you have not changed your password in the last year. Go to Reset Your Patriot Pass Account and follow the instructions.

The University's IT Department provides a wireless network called Mason-Secure. Once you set this network up on your laptop (or mobile device), you will not have to keep logging in all the time from a web page like you do with the old Mason wireless network. You will configure the network once, and then you should stay logged in until you change your password or possibly download a major service pack. The older, browser-based Mason network will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

If you need help configuring your computer to use Mason-Secure, please do not hesitate to contact our technology staff: Room 362 Law Library, 703-993-4855; lawsupport@gmu.edu.

Mac Users

Follow these instructions:

  • Click to select the "MASON-SECURE" wireless network from the list of available networks
  • At the login prompt, enter your PatriotPass username and password.
  • Click continue at the "Verify Certificate" prompt.
  • You will then see another prompt asking for your laptop's username and  password in order to make changes to your certificate trust settings.
  • Wait a few seconds for connection to be established before you attempt to connect to a website.

Windows 8 Users

If you have tried to connect to Mason-Secure and were unable to, please have your system "Forget this Network." Once that is done, follow the instructions available for Windows 7 to configure your connection to Mason-Secure.

Windows 7 Users 

Follow the instructions on the Mason-Secure website.

Please note: Under STEP 4: Security Settings: Choose "WPA2-Enterprise". The other option (802.1x) does not seem to work on the laptops that we have tested. ITU is working on a easy-to-use configuration file similar to the one for the Mac. 

Mobile Users:

Follow the instructions on the Mason-Secure website.


The wireless network covers all floors in Hazel Hall and Founders' Hall and allows students, faculty, and staff members to use their laptop and other mobile devices to check e-mail and surf the Web without connecting to a wired, Ethernet port. The Mason wireless LAN service is designed to complement the existing Ethernet wired ports. While the service is convenient, wireless is inherently a best effort system due to the current limitations of the technology. In 2007, Cisco Systems was chosen as the standard for wireless coverage. The system supports 802.11g and n. In order to use the wireless network, you need a wireless card that is either 802.11g or 802.11n compatible and a GMU email email account.


Access to the wireless network is limited to authorized GMU users through a secure authentication system that requires that users log-in using their GMU email account. The older, web-based Mason wireless network does not use WEP or any other encryption, so it is possible that information transmitted over the network can be intercepted by others. This is also true of the law school's public wired network. Websites having a URL that starts with “https://” are generally safe to use, since the data stream is encrypted with SSL. However, you should check the name and expiration date of the site’s certificate to make sure it is valid (click on the padlock icon at the bottom of your browser). The new Mason-Secure network is encrypted for increased security with a security standard known as 802.1X.

If you are in an area of the building where you are not getting a good wireless connection, when you have an opportunity please send an email with the details including the exact location to lawsupport@gmu.edu.

Recommended Wireless Cards

All Wi-Fi certified 802.11g & 802.11n products should work with Mason wireless service.

Note: Support for wireless protocol 802.11b has ended, as it the band with the lowest speed band and as a result interferes with the connection speed of all other bands ("G" and "N").

Other Information

Wireless Networking at GMU
University Policy Number 1302 on Wireless Networking

Questions, Problems?

If you have any questions or need help with your wireless card, please contact Law School Technology Services at 993-4855 or lawsupport@gmu.edu. The Support Center (Room 362 of the Law Library) is generally open Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.