Scalia Law School, ranked the 4th best part-time program in the nation, is pleased to offer the Flex-JD beginning fall 2021. This part-time program offers the flexibility needed for working professionals to complete their residential JD at a top-rated part-time program with as few as 2 nights per week on campus.

Program Highlights

  • For the first 2 years, students can come to campus as few as 2 nights per week.
  • The remote/flex class options will be offered either fully online or in a hybrid format.
  • Required classes have been shifted in order to spread out the credit load across the first two years.
  • For years 3 and 4, part-time students may continue to come to campus just 2 nights weekly. Hybrid, online, winter and summer terms will provide students with maximum scheduling flexibility. However, all elective courses, day and night, in multiple formats are available. Note that students who decide to concentrate in a specific subject area may impact their schedule by those choices.

Program Benefits

  • QUALITY: Our part-time program is ranked #4 in the country by US News and World Reports.
  • FLEXIBILITY: By only commuting to Arlington as few as two nights per week, part-time students have more flexibility with their schedule.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: This program makes it easier for students who live outside of Arlington, VA to attend Scalia Law School as they only need to commute to campus two nights per week.
  • IN-STATE TUITION: The school offers in-state tuition to JD Flex students who work in public interest.

Hear from Our Part-Time Students


Attending GMU Law School's night program while working at the U.S. Department of Treasury has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. The law school has made me better at my current job by sharpening my writing and giving me new insight into my work at a regulatory agency...

Perhaps more importantly, my relationships with professors at GMU have been vital to my success, and I never would have obtained a clerkship on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit without the help of professors at GMU...

For aspiring law students who are looking to work while staying in school while receiving a top notch, affordable education that will open doors into the most competitive and desirable areas of the legal profession, GMU Law School is a great choice.

Kevin Bell
Part-time student
Scalia Law

I'm glad that the school is working to reinvigorate the part time program. It really has been an enriching experience, and I can't imagine that I would have received a better legal education--or had more opportunities post-graduation--had I gone to any other school. And--largely because of the excellent teachers and my accomplished classmates--I enjoyed it! I would love for coming generations of students to have the same experience.

Laura Ruppalt
Part-time student
Scalia Law