Bar Support

At the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, our commitment to supporting our students extends beyond the traditional law school program. Our Bar Support program is designed to give you essential skills that can be utilized on the bar exam. The program employs a holistic approach, offering resources that can be applied from pre-law to post-graduation. Below are some of the highlights of the Scalia Law Bar Support program.

Individualized Counseling

Our dedicated bar support director will work with you individually to provide a customized plan for preparing for the bar exam, including determining state bar requirements and researching eligibility for the bar exam, location of key resources, designing a course of study for the bar exam, financial planning, and other key skills needed to tackle the bar exam.

Bar Preparation Course

Scalia Law offers a specialized bar preparation course, entitled Legal Fundamentals. All students will have the option of enrolling in course during their final year of law school. This semester-long course is designed to provide students with an early opportunity to learn helpful bar exam strategies. Scalia Law is currently developing additional course offerings that will focus on particular bar related skills.


A variety of workshops are offered, both for currently enrolled students and for graduates studying for the bar exam. These workshops range in topic, covering subject matter review, academic skills (essay writing, tackling multiple choice questions), soft skills (learning and studying styles, memorization strategies, overcoming procrastination), and other content intended to help students effectively prepare for the bar exam (bar exam basics, financial planning, graduate panel, character and fitness to practice law).

Financial Support

Preparing for the bar exam can be a huge financial burden for some graduates. Scalia Law maintains a database of organizations that offer scholarships directly related to the bar exam. The school is also working with various outside organizations to provide bar exam scholarships specifically to our graduates. 

Wellness Support

As the saying goes- healthy body, healthy mind. While recognizing the simplicity of this statement and that many factors contribute to one’s physical and mental health, the Bar Support program is designed to address the whole student. This includes connecting students with a wealth of University-wide services and programs.

Peer Support

Scalia Law students and alums provide each other with a solid network of support while studying for the bar exam. Bar Support can assist with facilitating these connections by introducing future bar examinees with recent graduates who took the bar exam in same jurisdiction. As well, Bar Support hosts an annual panel discussion with graduates who recently sat for the bar exam.

Dedicated Study Space

During the 10-week study period for the bar exam, Scalia Law reserves study space to be used by graduates who are studying for the bar exam. The location of these rooms vary depending on availability, but the school will make every effort to find a consistent study space before each exam. These rooms will serve as a Quite Zone for individual studying. The bar study room(s) will be open during school hours of operation (i.e. they will not be available 24-hours a day, and may be closed on holidays).

Bar Admission 

For information on individual state bar requirements, including addresses and phone numbers, see our Bar Exam Support Guide.

Contact Information:

For more information, contact:

Amanda E. Compton
Director, Bar Support and Instructor
(703) 993-9862

Current Students and Alums:

To access the Bar Support database and resources, login to the Career & Academic Services Intranet.