The Fall Recruiting Program provides law firms, government agencies, the military, and other legal employers an opportunity to interview students primarily for full-time summer associate and/or entry-level positions. Many larger firms hire approximately 90-95% of their entry-level attorneys from their summer associate programs; therefore, second-year day and third-year evening students should approach the summer job hunt as if it were a search for permanent work. Additionally, legal employers will interview students in their final year for entry-level attorney positions.

Fall Recruiting begins in August of each year and ends sometime in October. Fall Recruiting is open to second, third, fourth-year and LLM students. The program consists of two job search techniques: On-Campus Interviews and Resume Collection.

For the job search to be meaningful during Fall Recruiting, students should focus on their general areas of interest and thoroughly research the employer prior to their initial contact. Although CAS maintains files of employer brochures and other resources to assist in research, many students find that an employer's website is frequently the best source of information.

The Spring Recruiting Program is designed to appeal to a larger variety of legal employers that may not necessarily hire during the traditional Fall Hiring season. Spring Recruiting includes law firms (primarily medium and small), government agencies, the military, non-profit organizations, corporations, and other legal employers looking for part-time and full-time law clerks, summer help, and entry-level attorneys. Spring Recruiting is open to all Scalia Law students. Spring Recruiting begins in January and runs through early April of each year. Like Fall Recruiting, the program consists of two job search techniques: On-Campus Interviews and Resume Collection.

Student surveys about employers and the interview process during Fall and Spring Recruiting are available in CAS in the Work Experience Binder.