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The C. Boyden Gray Center For The Study Of The Administrative State Hosts Its First Annual Law Review Symposium

The George Mason Law Review and the C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State held the Law Review's First Annual Administrative Law Symposium.

The symposium, “Agency Adjudication and the Rule of Law,” focused upon the power of federal agencies to “adjudicate” disputes outside of the courts, a subject that has attracted significant public attention since the Supreme Court’s 2018 decisions in two closely watched cases. To analyze various aspects of these issues, the C. Boyden Gray Center invited many of the nation’s leading Administrative Law Scholars to write or comment on papers. Speakers included Scalia Law professors Adam Mossoff and Jennifer Mascott. NYU Professor Richard Epstein (pictured), one of the nation’s most prominent and significant legal scholars, delivered the keynote address. The authors’ articles will appear later this year in a special issue of the George Mason Law Review.