Scalia Spotlights

Juris Master (JM) Degree Program Launch

Jessica L. Sartorius
Director of Juris Master (JM) Degree Program

George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School is excited to announce the launch of its Juris Master (JM) Degree Program! The JM Degree is designed for professionals who interact with lawyers and legal issues regularly in the course of their careers. This type of program is in high demand and now offered by almost half of all tier one law schools.

“We are proud to offer the Juris Master Degree Program at Scalia Law School,” said Dean Henry N. Butler. “This is an opportunity for professionals to learn the law, so they will be better equipped to provide leadership in their respective fields.”

Scalia Law’s two-year part-time program will be offered at the Arlington campus, with classes starting this January 2019. In addition to general legal research, writing and introductory law courses, JM students can select law school courses from six concentration areas: (1) Criminal Justice; (2) Employment & Labor Relations; (3) Financial & Commercial Services; (4) Government Contracts & Regulations; (5) Intellectual Property & Technology; and (6) National Security, Cybersecurity & Information Privacy. JM students can maintain employment schedules, while benefiting from the opportunities afforded by a tier-one law school.

Currently there are very few advanced degree programs being offered, aside from Juris Doctor, that provide a high level of expertise in both traditional as well as leading-edge areas of the law. GMU/Antonin Scalia's JM program is extremely attractive to career law enforcement professionals at local, state, and federal agencies. After 30 years in law enforcement followed by a career as a state prosecutor, I know that the challenges facing law enforcement have never been greater. The expertise gained through this JM program will certainly help law enforcement professionals meet these challenges in the future.
Charles K. Peters
Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Fauquier County
JM Degree Program Board of Advisor Member (Class of 1993, 2012)

Scalia Law is also delighted to announce the formation of a JM Degree Program Board of Advisors. The Board is comprised of only law school alumni, including a sitting judge, an FBI agent, Capitol Hill staff, a Commonwealth attorney, and legal professionals at the firms and companies in the Washington metro area.

I am honored to be on the board for this new program and look forward to assisting in developing a challenging and thought provoking curriculum that will allow the Masters’ students to build on their knowledge of the law and apply this degree in furtherance of their pursuits.
Penney S. Azcarate
Judge, Fairfax Circuit Court
JM Degree Program Board of Advisor Member (Class of 1998)

There is a growing base of legal services and legal knowledge required by employers, and the JM Degree is designed to educate students with the legal knowledge necessary for them to succeed in their chosen professions.

JM students will graduate with an informed, sophisticated understanding of the legal doctrines and institutions relevant to their area of concentration and professional goals. JM graduates can also expect to identify and communicate about legal issues with both lawyer and non-lawyer audiences.

The ‘law’ touches everything and lives everywhere. Not just in law firms. When I look at candidates, I want to see people that understand the legal risks that are out there. This degree? It takes that idea and executes it perfectly.”
Anthony Demangone
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, NAFCU
JM Degree Program Board of Advisor Member (Class of 2002)

Applications are being accepted now. For more information about the JM Degree Program, please visit our website, or contact Jessica L. Sartorius, Director of Juris Master (JM) Degree Program, at or 703-993-8418.