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Law Review Symposium Highlights Current Debates In Antitrust

The George Mason Law Review's 21st Annual Antitrust Symposium, "The Consumer Welfare Standard: From The Antitrust Paradox to Hipster Antitrust" highlighted the current series of challenges aimed at “reinvigorating” antitrust enforcement agencies and institutions and calling into question the economic approach to antitrust.

 The February 16 event included speakers Judge Douglas Ginsburg, Herbert Hovenkamp, and former FTC Commissioners William Kovacic, Tim Muris, and Joshua Wright. Joining Professors Wright and Ginsburg at the symposium were additional Global Antitrust Institute(GAI) faculty members Bruce Kobayashi and Tad Lipsky.  Panel topics included China antitrust law, the goals of antitrust law, and vertical antitrust enforcement.  The Law & Economics Center (LEC) sponsored the symposium.