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The Law & Economics Center Hosted 62 Prominent Judges for Judicial Education Program

John Yun

The Law & Economics Center’s Judicial Education Program hosted 62 state and federal judges in Islamorada, Florida, for a two-part program series, January 23-31.

The participants included one judge from the US Court of Federal Claims, one judge from the US Court of Appeals, four judges from US District Courts, and ten state Supreme Court Justices.

Dean Henry N. Butler taught The Short Course on Economics for Judges, with Professors D. Bruce Johnsen, Joshua Wright, and Murat Mungan.

Dean Butler also led the Case Analysis Seminar with Professors Todd Zywicki and Nuno Garoupa. Professors Joshua Wright and John Yun (pictured) taught the Workshop on Antitrust Economics.

The Judicial Education Program, started over four decades ago, offers intellectually rigorous, balanced, and timely instruction in the belief that the fundamental principles of a free and just society depend on a knowledgeable and well-educated judiciary.