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Judge Ginsburg Receives DOJ’s John Sherman Award

Douglas H. Ginsburg
The Honorable Douglas H. Ginsburg

On October 23, the Department of Justice presented the Honorable Douglas H. Ginsburg with the John Sherman Award. The Award represents the Department’s highest antitrust honor, given in recognition of lifetime contributions to the development of antitrust law and the preservation of economic liberty.

Of his many notable contributions to the field, Judge Ginsburg elevated the role of economic analysis in antitrust enforcement by expanding the Division’s economics section and by creating the position of the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis during his tenure as the Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division.

His jurisprudence and scholarship further reflect the intellectual rigor that has marked his distinguished career. He was an influential judge on the landmark United States v. Microsoft case in 2001, and the case remains foundational to understanding competition in high-tech markets.

Judge Ginsburg’s antitrust scholarship is widely admired, and his academic works—ranging in topic from the application of antitrust law in a changing economy to the effects of extra-jurisdictional remedies—tackle complex questions and continue to influence students, enforcers, and practitioners alike.