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Michael Greve Eulogizes Judge Stephen F. Williams

Judge Stephen F. Williams
Judge Stephen F. Williams

Professor Michael Greve writes in the Law & Liberty:

Judge Williams was appointed to the D.C. Circuit by President Reagan in 1986. He served until 2001 and then took senior status. I got to know him during my tenure at the American Enterprise Institute, where he was a participant in many of the law-related events I organized; a cherished guest at many of the free-flowing dinner conversations convened by Chris DeMuth; and an engaged audience member at events that had nothing to do with law. Steve’s intellectual range and curiosity were astounding. Eulogists have noted that he wrote two books about liberal politics in pre-Bolshevik Russia and, with the help of a tutor, learned Russian in his sixties. The more amazing thing is that he traveled to Russia for extended periods to do archival research. Florence, to study the Renaissance: I get that. But Russia? That’s a serious scholar at work.

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