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Academic Centers Give Students a Deep Dive into Fascinating Areas of Law

Each year students have the opportunity to serve as Research Assistants in the law school’s academic centers. They work closely with top scholars in the areas of antitrust, IP, national security, law & economics, free speech, and the administrative state. These students talk about what drew them to the centers and how the experience has shaped them

C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State

Gelane Diamond
Gelane Diamond

Gelane Diamond, 3L

What is your biggest takeaway from your time working with the Boyden Gray Center?

“I learned that in my career, I should keep an eye out for events and papers like those that the Center puts on and publishes, and respectively, to continue learning. A lot of people that attend the Center’s events are current practitioners in the field, working hard to remain informed about the developments and current issues in this area of law. I, too, want to keep learning throughout my career and remain informed so that I can be a qualified, effective advocate.”
Carly Hviding
Carly Hviding

Carly Hviding, 2L

What was the best part about working at the Boyden Gray Center?

“It was participating in weekly meetings with Gray Center staff, often featuring guest speakers. The open dialogues helped me think more critically and creatively about the administrative state, the law, and the government. I’ve been able to highlight this unique experience in job interviews, and I feel more engaged with the current issues in administrative law because of the Gray Center… In my professional life, I will reflect on the issues I encountered while working with the Gray Center, and how the scholars and practitioners I worked with pushed me to think about the evolution of administrative law.”

Liberty & Law Center

Charles A. de Asagra
Charles A. de Asagra

Charles A. de Asagra, 3L

What did you learn while working for the Liberty and Law Center?

“I learned a lot about fields of the law that I wasn't intimately familiar with, and that has positively enhanced my understanding of constitutional law and civil rights. The Discussion over Division program, which I assisted, is an excellent program for improving political discourse between students. (Because of this program) I met more of the student body and expanded my professional network. I will cherish the time I worked for the Center.”

Global Antitrust Institute

Lily Verbeck
Lily Verbeck

Lily Verbeck, (2L)

What Drew You to GAI?

“The incredible faculty! The professors at the GAI are renowned in the antitrust community. I was drawn to the institute by the opportunity for their direct mentorship.”

How do you see this experience informing your professional path?

“One of the best aspects of becoming involved with the GAI is the incredible network you can access. Through these connections, as well as the invaluable experience I have gained at GAI, I hope to start a career in antitrust right out of law school.”

If you have worked, or are working, as a research assistant in one of the academic centers and would like to be featured, please contact Kathleen Corcoran.