Dynamism and Dedication: Mackie-Rutledge Completing Second LLM

A. Mackie-Rutledge
Angela Mackie-Rutledge

Angela Mackie-Rutledge is a distinguished graduate whose journey is a testament to her dynamism and dedication, including two LLMs from Scalia Law.

With dual British and American citizenship, Mackie-Rutledge has a remarkable background, having initially carved out a successful career in the IT field. Her programming prowess enabled her to work globally, with stints in prominent cities such as New York, Sydney, London, Amsterdam, and Munich. The turning point in her career came when she decided to pursue law, driven by a full scholarship to study in the UK. Balancing her role as the family’s primary earner and her aspirations in law, Mackie-Rutledge undertook the rigorous path of studying part-time, while managing her responsibilities in IT and software development.

Mackie-Rutledge’s academic journey in law school was further shaped by the global Covid-19 pandemic, prompting her relocation back to the USA with her family. Her thirst for legal expertise led her to the Flex-LLM program at Scalia Law, a decision that proved transformative. The program not only offered a practical pathway to the bar exam; it also allowed her to maintain her professional commitments. The Flex-LLM provided Mackie-Rutledge with a degree she actively uses in her profession, bolstered by the program’s reputable name, and opened networking avenues that extended beyond the confines of the LLM curriculum.

Mackie-Rutledge’s drive for continual growth led her to further her education with a second LLM in global antitrust law and economics at Scalia Law. Following her graduation, her achievements have been both substantial and significant. Mackie-Rutledge’s role as a career judicial law clerk with senior judges of the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania in the City of Philadelphia offers her a unique vantage point in the legal landscape. Her recognition as the 2023 Winner of the NABBS Foundation Dorothy Atkinson Legal Education Scholarship, her admission to the Yurok Tribe’s Native American Tribal Bar, and her role as a Writer-in-Residence for the DC Bar, among other achievements, underline her profound impact on the legal field. Her contributions extend beyond personal accolades, as she actively assists her peers in their professional endeavors, exemplifying her belief in service and collaboration.

Mackie-Rutledge’s journey through the Flex-LLM program has been a catalyst for growth and opportunity, affirming Scalia Law’s significant role in shaping her path. Her story is not just one of academic and professional achievement but also of resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of her passions.