Scalia Law Graduates’ Debt-to-Income Ratio Second Lowest of All Law Schools

People standing in front of courthouse, with words Scalia Law ranked #2 in debt-to-income ratio

A study using data from the Department of Education found that Scalia Law graduates had the second lowest debt-to-income ratio among the 187 law schools the researchers examined. According to the study, only Harvard Law graduates had a lower debt-to-income ratio. You can find more details on the study in the preLaw Magazine Winter 2024 issue.

In addition to its affordability, Scalia Law’s location offers students and graduates access to one of the top legal markets in the U.S. While in law school, students can leverage the school’s established relationships with major national and international law firms, leaders in Congress, federal and state court judges, and public-service organizations to gain practical experience. Scalia Law’s location in Arlington, Virginia puts it just five Metro stops from Washington’s K Street law firms and government agencies. A short trip in the opposite direction will put you in the growing Dulles Tech Corridor, where Google, AWS, Microsoft, and other tech companies have offices. Plus, Arlington and neighboring Alexandria are home to several growing corporate headquarters that recruit lawyers, including Nestle, Boeing, Raytheon, and Amazon’s H2Q. Alexandria also houses the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. You can learn more about Scalia Law’s programs on our Admissions page.