IronPort Anti-Spam Filter

To protect Mason email accounts from spam and malicious content, the university provides the IronPort spam filter. IronPort automatically filters all email messages.

To filter out as much Spam as possible, IronPort employs an exclusive Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE) to examine the complete context of an email message including:

  • Content of the message
  • Construction of the message
  • Reputation of the message sender
  • Reputation of the site from which a message is sent

IronPort has a quarantine for messages classified as 'likely spam' and sends a daily email listing new messages that have been added to your quarantine. If you find a legitimate message, you can release it to your inbox. In addition, you can use IronPort to create Blocklists to block unsolicited emails, and Safelists to allow emails from trusted sources. For more information, see How to Work with Messages in IronPort and How to Use Safelists and Blocklists in IronPort.

To access your quarantined email, login to IronPort with your Mason email netID and password at