Matriculating in
# Entering with
# Whose Conditional
Scholarships Have
Since Been Reduced
or Eliminated
2014 138 68
2013 86 35
2012 50 23

In the 2014 entering class, 164 students received scholarships. One hundred thirty-eight students received conditional scholarships. Renewal of those scholarships in the second year was contingent on the student being in either the top 50% or the top 33 1/3% of their class at the conclusion of the first year. We anticipated that 55-55% of those scholarship recipients would meet their condition; 51% of those students actually retained their scholarship going into the 2015-16 school year. In addition to the 138 students with conditional scholarships, 1 student received a full scholarship as part of the Levy Fellows program and 25 received scholarships that renewed on the basis of good academic standing alone.

In the entering class of 2015, 146 first-year students received scholarships, 136 of which were conditional. At this point, we anticipate that 50-55% of the conditional scholarship students will be keeping their scholarship into the second year. The average award for the conditional scholarships was $11,750.00.