The George Mason University Student Bar Association (SBA) is our student government organization, devoted to supporting and encouraging academic excellence and professional growth among members of the law student community. The SBA works with the law school administration to ensure rights of individual law students and to facilitate communication among students, faculty, administration and alumni. The SBA also acts as the umbrella organization for all other student-run organizations at GMUSL. In addition, the SBA organizes and sponsors many law school events, including first-year orientation, the annual Barristers' Ball, and various recruiting and open house activities


President: Caroleigh Newman

Vice President, Day Section: Richard Baca

Vice President, Evening Section: Stephanie Semler

Vice President of Social Affairs: George Johnson

Vice President of Community Outreach: Courtnay Sellers

Treasurer, Accounts: Mike McKay

Treasurer, Budget: Tyler Dever

Treasurer, Travel: Ryan Wautlet

Secretary: Lucas Daniels

Honor Committee Chair: Brittany Oravec

LLM Representative: Morgan Pankow

4E Representatives: Claire Bourque and Natalie Hayes

3E Representatives: Rod Harrell and Amy Wells

3D Representative: Samantha Bernstein

2E Representatives: Adam Signora and Adam Signora

2D Representative: Mike Bliley

1E Representatives: Alec Johnston, Lindsay Turok, and Ted Bantle

1D Representatives: Andrew Howard, Roshni Dhillon, and Holly Rocco