JD Focus Areas & Concentrations

Scalia Law students receive a strong foundational education through the required JD curriculum but also have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of upper-level elective courses. Students may sample from our broad curriculum or choose to specialize in one or more Focus Areas depending on their interests and career path. The Focus Areas below identify the courses in our curriculum that relate to specific practice areas. They are updated regularly, as new courses are added to our curriculum.

Students may complete a Concentration in one or more of the following Focus Areas (indicated with an asterisk (*) below): Antitrust Law; National Security Law; Cyber Law; Tax Law; Patent Law; and Public Interest Litigation. For each Concentration, a student must complete a minimum of five courses listed in the Focus Area with a final grade of “B-” or higher. Each Concentration designation must be earned through five different courses—there can be no overlap. As soon as five courses are completed (with final grades reported), the Concentration designation may be added to the student’s transcript. To request a Concentration designation on your transcript, please contact the Records Office at lwrecord@gmu.edu